Welcome to unique experiences

Located in the heart of mountain Norway,

Dombås Hotel is surrounded by world class nature experiences.

Here in our gallery we will give you a sneak peak of what is waiting for you.

Pick 2000-metermountains in Rondane, Dovrefjell or Jotunheimen, see the moskusox  in its true nature, eat freshly made waffles thousand meters over sealevel, enjoy the sight of Dovrefjell  from the dogsled - or Rondane horseback - cross wild rapids in Sjoa, or steep rock walls in Jora.

We could continue indefinitly, the experiences and the memories are waiting for you right outside our hotel door. And the best of all; through your camera lens, your memories will last forever.   

Daydream in our gallery, and read more about the activities around and close to Dombås Hotel here.

From us to you

We want you to have a great stay at our hotel that you will tell others about. Welcome back to us.

Dombås Hotell Domaasgrendi 1, 2660 Dombås