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Sleep well, eat well, live well

The town of Dombås has always been a natural midwaypoint for travelling between the big cities of Norway. This also lead to how Dombås Hotel became a natural place to stop and rest for the night. Over the years, Dombås Hotel has played hosts to many a guest,  from unknown to well known guests. The famous Norwegian writer Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson signed the guestbook with: "Det beste skifte og det venaste gifte i Gudbrandsdalen". It is hard to make a direct translation, but by the tone and the wording, one can tell that he had a very positive experience staying at the hotel.

The Dombås Hotel in 2004

The name of Domaas Hotell was already in use back in 1892, when a new coaching inn was built on parts of the old crown estate Søre Domaas farm. By 1915 it was decided to begin building a new, astonishing hotel on the estate. The hotel was designed by the famous architect Arnstein Arneberg - the man who also designed the Oslo City Hall, and Rica Park Hotell Sandefjord.

The distinctive building would become a well known landmark for the municipality of Dovre. Furhtermore it was soon acknowledged as one of the most beautiful and grand hotels of Gudbrandsdalen. In 1927 it was the first hotel in the valley that offered hot and cold water plumbing in every guestroom. During the almost 100 years that followed, the venerable Domaas Hotell would experience many historical events; Josef Terboven stayed at the hotel during the occupation, USAs Olympic-troop in figure skating stayed for 14 days in association with the Winter-Olympics in Oslo, and later would Swedish and Danish ski tourists arrive in their own “ski trains”. King Olav and Princess Astrid would also visit during their blessing journey in 1958.   


Tragedy struck on the 19th of May 2007: A fire started by the chimney on the loft, and soon spread across the whole hotel. Firefighters fought the fire as hard as they could, but the once grand hotel soon succumbed to the flames.

Even though the damages were purely materialistic, it marked the end of an era. The hotel which had been widely known for its beauty was left in ruins, and all that stood left was the “new wing” (now the old wing) built in the late 80s. Even with the old part of the hotel gone; the history is far from over, and its roots are though and hard to kill; Dombås Hotel would be resurrected.

A new and modern hotel was raised over the remains of the old one, and in march of 2014, we opened the doors to a new Dombås Hotel, which - once again- was a natural place to stop for the night.

Even if the building is completley different, our philosophy is that the atmosphere and the experience of staying with us should be just as memorable as it has been for over 100 years. Todays hotel is built with the environment, functionality and local affiliation in mind. The hotel utilitises geothermal

heating, and is built in wood and Oppdalsskifer; for the ultimate natural experience, with colors that reflect the lost, venerable Domaas Hotell.


Foto: Trygve Øien

Foto: Sjur-Magnus Aaboen

With our facilities and service, we offer you as a guest a total experience that is tailored to what you want and need. If you’re visiting us for a vacation, or for business, is our philosophy that you should feel at home, from the time you enter our hotel, until you check out and leave.

Enjoy our indoor facilities, or our picturesque surroundings with activities for everyone - both in the summer and the winter.

Read all about what we offer in the list to the right, and do not hesitate to conctact us if you have questions or want more information.

Our facilities:

- Hotel- og motelrooms

- Conference-rooms

- Celebrations and events

- Breakfastbuffet

- Dinnerbuffet

- Lunch on request

- Fully licenced restaurant

- Fully licenced bar

- Sun-terrace

- Sauna

- Free WiFi

- Free outdoor parking

- Luggage- and skiholding

Enjoy a stay in the heart of Norway.

Dombås Hotell Domaasgrendi 1, 2660 Dombås